Please contact me to arrange a free 30 min meet and greet. Let’s get to know each other.

We offer individual coaching, topical group workshops as well as workshops at schools for student groups on topics such as: friendship, resilience, managing emotions and goal setting. Or else you can talk to me about how we can design the workshop for your group today. We also work with adults in behaviour management and developing parenting skills with their children. Feel free to email or phone me for information on upcoming workshops. 


Age 0-8 Years Age 9-18 Years Adults
45 min Individual Session
45 min Individual Session
60 min Individual Session
Group of 3 Sessions
$210 (save $30)
Group of 3 Sessions
$240 (save $30)
Group of 3 Sessions
$260 (save $40)

Workshops vary in price and will be priced on advertising. 

Workshops for Boys

I would like to introduce you to the love of my life–my husband Barry. Barry will be partnering with me in the workshops for boys. Barry has extensive knowledge and experience in working with boys. He is a teacher and is passionate about working with boys in all age groups. He will:
– Assist them in building solid emotional foundations
– Help them understand the importance of physical movement
– Promote alternative thinking strategies
– Work with and assist them in understanding depression
…and much more

Not only has Barry been a huge support with assisting me in setting up Kallima, he is also very qualified in many areas to facilitate and assist in Workshops for boys. Barry’s qualifications include:

– Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)
– Health & Physical Education & Industrial Arts
– Working with Children check
– First Aid Certificate
– Multiple sport coaching certificates
– Resilience Training knowledge
– Tutor

– Certificate in Mental Health First Aid
– Certificate in Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies
– Experience in working with Special needs Children
– First Aid Certificate

We offer a range of individual sessions. Some of the focus areas can include;

MIND POWER: Understanding the power of your mind and why you achieve what you believe.

INNER POWER: How you think of yourself, make good decisions and stand up to peer pressure.

ME POWER: How to develop soaring self-esteem & powerful self-confidence.

SLAYING DRAGONS: Learn to bust through fears, mistakes, failures and change.

DREAM POWER: Create your vision, achieve your goals and manifest your dreams.