You’re off to great PLACES today is your DAY, your mountain is waiting so… get on your WAY! ~Dr Seuss

Kallima is the name for a dead leaf butterfly. The Kallima butterfly looks dead on the outside but when it opens up it is unexpectedly unique and beautiful. Working with children and teaching them to manage and understand their thoughts, emotions, feelings and communicate so that they can be more confident and resilient in their everyday lives – allows them to express and learn the unexpected beauty within.

All humans are expressive and we are always communicating. However, sometimes there is some strengthening and work to be done in order to express ourselves in ways that others understand our intent and our heart. At Kallima we strive to empower children to understand their own uniqueness so they may tap into the beauty that unfolds when that is expressed and understood by those around them.

Supporting the family

We enjoy working with children (male and female) in the younger years from baby through to teens. We do specialize in the younger years, but are willing to widen the scope to include teens. We work to create a calm family environment to nurture understanding in all layers of the family unit. We recognise children belong to a family unit, so we will work with parents/caregivers to foster understanding of the emotions their children struggle with and their behavioral difficulties.

Working with individual children

At Kallima we believe that each child is unique and learns things differently. We will engage with children at their level of understanding and how they relate to life around them, and understanding the emotions inside of them, and how to manage themselves in difficult situations.

Working in groups and workshops

Within workshop programs and one on one sessions, we work with a varied approach of offering information to children by allowing a holistic approach with stimulation in physical, mental, spiritual, emotional areas while also looking at social factors that surround them.

What we offer

We want to empower your child to:

  • Learn how to manage stress, anxiety and worry
  • Develop trust in themselves and manage negative thoughts
  • Strengthen their focus and set goals for themselves

A person’s a person no matter how small… ~Dr Seuss

Helpful questions to ask

  • Does your child have difficulty fitting in with others?
  • Is your child being bullied at school or are they the bully at school?
  • Does your child have difficulty focusing in class?
  • Does your child have separation anxiety?
  • Do you consistently deal with abnormal behavioural issues with your child?
  • Does your child experience emotional meltdowns?
  • Does your child lack the confidence to speak up or try new things?
  • Does your child have difficulty sleeping or nightmares?
  • Has your child’s behavior regressed? (eg: bedwetting)
  • Has your child had trouble adapting to separation, divorce or blended family issues?
  • Do you experience uncontrollable tantrums with your child?

We at Kallima want to equip your child and by extension your family, with the tools you need to flourish and exhibit the beauty within.

Please contact me to arrange a free 30 min meet and greet. Let’s get to know each other.

Belief Systems

Most of our core belief systems are developed at a young age and this is what our sub-conscious mind draws on when making decisions every day. 90% of our actions are determined by our subconscious mind. 90% that’s a lot! So, you want to make sure that those core beliefs are working for you in a positive way. Learning how to create the belief systems you want will help you to be happy, successful and content. Would you like this for your children and your family? We live in a world today where 1 in every 10 people are clinically depressed by the time they reach adulthood. By hosting an environment where children can learn to understand themselves they will have better knowledge and skills to use in their everyday lives.

Coaching life skills teaches kids how to:

  • Control their subconscious minds
  • Develop positive thinking
  • Be resilient
  • Develop self-esteem from the inside out
  • Believe in themselves and build self confidence
  • Think for themselves
  • Take responsibility for their actions and decisions
  • Develop a vision of the person they want to be